About Us


Zen Zoo Kids mission is to promote physical activity and well-being through yoga.

We are dedicated to making yoga both exciting and accessible as well as removing the misconceptions, including religious concerns, concerning yoga.

We strive to challenge children physically and creatively thereby inspiring character growth and fostering physical strength and flexibility.


Zen Zoo Kids Yoga assists children in strengthening their minds & bodies… all while having loads of fun!

Classes are offered at the Zen Zoo Kids studio in Rynfield, Benoni and at various pre-primary and primary schools on the East Rand of Gauteng.

Should you wish for Zen Zoo Kids classes to be offered at your child’s school, please contact us for more information.


Zen Zoo Kids is the joyful fruition of a beautiful vision.

Charmaine Kelly adores children and their beautiful inner light, and has always been drawn to teaching, guiding and inspiring others.

After becoming a mother in 2010, Charmaine made the decision to work towards her dream of creating a nurturing, inspirational and fun filled programme for kids, which combined her love for children with her passion for teaching, positive thinking and yoga.

And so Zen Zoo Kids was born!

Her goal?  To help children learn to cope with the various pressures and stresses in our fast paced world from an early age, so that they can grow into well balanced, innately confident and compassionate adults, who love themselves as well as others.

Charmaine has studied and trained with the recognised Yoga4Kids, an organisation endorsed by the Yoga Teacher’s Fellowship of South Africa, and South Africa’s leading provider of children’s yoga teacher training.

As a teacher, Charmaine considers herself a work-in-progress and a lifelong student of yoga. She is continually learning and growing, by studying further, attending workshops and keeping abreast of the latest developments in yoga and wellness. As a teacher, counselor and mentor she is known to be sincere, warm, caring and empowering. Charmaine draws from her deep understanding of the mind-body connection to assist others in attaining holistic wellness.

She is a committed Christian and can assure parents that Zen Zoo Kids will never infringe on any parent or child’s individual belief or religion.

Charmaine looks forward to the pleasure and honour of inspiring your children to be the best they can be.

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