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About Zen Zoo Kids Yoga


At Zen Zoo Kids, our mission is to promote physical activity, mindfulness and well-being for all, young and old, through yoga, making yoga accessible and inclusive. Classes are offered at the relaxing Zen Zoo Kids studio in leafy Rynfield, Benoni.



Charmaine Kelly has always been drawn to teaching and inspiring others, as well as yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and after some years of planning, Zen Zoo Kids opened their doors in 2013!

From humble beginnings, offering only kids yoga classes, the studio has grown in leaps and bounds and offers private classes, corporate classes, adult yoga classes and workshops.

Charmaine has studied and trained with the recognised Yoga4Kids, an organisation endorsed by the Yoga Teacher’s Fellowship of South Africa, and South Africa’s leading provider of children’s yoga teacher training.

As a teacher, Charmaine considers herself a work-in-progress and a lifelong student of yoga. She is continually learning and growing, by studying further, attending workshops and keeping abreast of the latest developments in yoga and wellness.

As a teacher, counsellor and mentor she is known to be sincere, warm, caring and empowering. Charmaine draws from her deep understanding of the mind-body connection to assist others in attaining holistic wellness.

She is a committed Christian and refrains from bringing religion into her classes

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Remember, your first yoga class is always FREE (excluding private and corporate yoga). Book your complimentary and obligation free yoga class today. We'd love to see you!